Q: We love your work, how do we find out your pricing?

Please email us with a few details about your wedding. Some popular months book out a year in advance so contacting us early is a great idea. The details we would love to know are the date, venue (if known), and the number of hours you would like us to be there. We can then tailor a pricing package to suit your exact needs.

Each wedding is unique to each couple, so we tailor our quotes accordingly.
To give you an idea, the price for our wedding package with both a female and a male photographer (2 photographers for 10-12 hours.) starts at AED 9.495,- and starts at
AED 15.995,- for both video and photo (1 videographer and 1 photographer for 10-12 hours). See more information on our “investment” page

Q: Why does it costs so much more to have both a photographer and videographer?

Editing video takes much longer time compared to editing photos, even though editing photos isn’t something that can be done quickly, it’s still faster to edit photos because, for each minute at your wedding, we have 1-2 minutes of editing video in our office.

Q: Does it cost extra to have two photographers instead of one?

No the price is the same, being two at your wedding means that we see more, being more places at the same time, and ultimately to give you better images – two is better than one is.

Q: Do you provide video ?

Yes for sure we do, we are providing a high standard of work.
You will receive two versions of your video:
– version1 – SoMe (2-5 minutes)
– version2 – Full length of speeches, entertainment etc.

Q: Just what we want to hear, we would like to book you. Whats next ?

It’s simple. We will send your booking confirmation and invoice via mail. Once the Booking Fee is paid then we are confirmed as your wedding photographers!
The balance of the fee will be due 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

Q: We have some questions about the wedding process, will you for help us?

Absolutely for sure we will! Once you have booked we are here to serve you, to make sure you will get the best because good is just not good enough for us, only the best is. 120+ weddings.

Q: We know you have your own style of photography and video and we love it, but can we send you images or wedding film that we have seen on the internet?

Absolutely, send us link to photos/video with your ideas. We recommend using Pinterest to share images, you can create your own board, and even make them private if you wish.

Q: Will you shoot details shots of the dress, rings, flowers etc.

Yes, some of the important things for us to capture during your wedding are the details, after spending both time and money choosing details, it’s naturally for us to shoot those details. Please pay attention to the fact, that we will always choose to shoot any important happening over details, but will do our best to capture everything that happens during the day.

Q: We are so excited, how long does it take to receive the photos?

We normally deliver your edited photos in 2 weeks, video in 3 weeks. Images are delivered fully edited in JPEG’s. We do not deliver RAW format files.

Q: How many photos will we receive?

Typically, we deliver approximately 20 photos per hour.
There are many factors that come into play in the number of delivered photos, our main goal is quality rather than quantity, when that’s being said, we will deliver ALL the photos that meet our high standards.

We are not to decide which photos you find important, therefore the only discarded photos can be “a guest enters the front our camera while shooting”, “your eyes closed during a blink” etc., the rest you will get.

Q: How do we receive our photos?

You will receive a link to your private online gallery, you can share photos easily with friends and family by letting them have the link we send you.
Every edited photo are delivered in high resolution JPEG.

Q: Can we order wedding albums?

Yes you can, our collaborator makes handmade albums. Many different styles and layouts are available, the prices are including design of the wedding album.

Q: Do we need to feed you both during the reception?

We don’t expect you to provide us with food if only few hours are booked, but a full day wedding photography requires energy, energy we gets from food and water/softdrinks/tea/coffee.

Q: Are you a licensed professional photographers?

Yes we are. Our company is registered with VAT number, drone business certificates and insurance (just in case). We shoot with professional equipment from Canon.
We have backup equipment in case of system failure etc., this ensures that you get pictures / videos from your important day.